Help keep Famagusta

alive and remembered

Developers of original multimedia presentation

Yiannis Laouris :

General Supervision Design


Stelios Stylianou :

Project Manager Design Programming Graphics Images Processing


George Vakanas :

Programing Design


Elena Loizidou:

Research and Translations



Koullis Ioannou :

Graphics Image Processing


Julietta Kalli-Laouri :

Poem Photographic Material


Andreas Kallis :





Fotos Fotiades :

Narration en Greek


Anthi Kyriakou :

Narration in English


Anne Stylianou :

Narration in English

Danielle Georgiou :

Narration in French


Stephani Fella :

Narration in German



Web-adaptation and website development


Yiannis Laouris

Eleni Philippou

Andreas Drakos