Help keep Famagusta

alive and remembered

Welcome to the ghost city of Famagusta.

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The system is free to distribute as long as it is not modified.

The multimedia presentation hosted in this website was developed in 1993/1994 to let the world know about the continuing occupation of the city of Famagusta. The project was initiated by Famagustians who were violently forced to leave their homes on the 14th of August 1974. The pioneers were members of the Famagusta Club of Rotary, which also  covered the material costs. Famagusta 1974 was developed by an enthusiastic a team of then young Cypriot multimedia experts working for The Multimedia Factory.

The project was installed on touch screen kiosks at the international airport of Larnaca, at the Limassol Museum and at the Deryneia tent, facing the ghost city of Famagusta.

The online application does not run properly on Safari.

Also the online application is slow, especially when you call the module "Our occupied city". Please view it on Firefox or download it on your computer by clicking on the button "Download Media zip file"